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Auditing and Advisory

1. Annual audit
2. Audit of Group Consolidated Statements
3. Resignation audit
4. Liquidation audit
5. Bankruptcy liquidation audit

6. Asset tax write-off audit

7. Net assets audit
8. Other special audits
9. IFRS audit
10. Internal audit
11. Capital verification report
12、Consultation etc.
13、Dee Diligence survey
14、Tax situation audit

Accounting Service

6. Value-added tax invoicing service

7. Cashier service

8. Separate outsourcing of tax managers and persons in charge
9.Treatment of individual items of tax matters, etc. 

1. Agency bookkeeping (general ledger accounting)
2. The monthly and quarterly tax declarations of enterprises included in the agency bookkeeping
3. Annual income tax settlement and payment

4. Separate tax agency and audit of tax declaration

5. Outsourcing services for financial managers and financial directors

Tax Service

1. Separate tax agency and audit of tax declaration
2. Separate outsourcing of tax managers and persons in charge
3.Treatment of individual items of tax matters, etc. 
4. International Tax Consultation including CRS & BEPS etc.
5. PRC enterprise Tax Consultation
6. China citizen IIT consultation
7. Other project tax-related consultation
8. Tax Planning

Financial Advisory

1. Financial report analysis
2. Budget and final account planning
3. Feasibility analysis report (technical calculation)
4. Financial information analysis of investment projects
5. Consultation on corporate accounting standards
6. Perennial accounting consultation service
7. Consultation on consolidation of financial  reports
8. Consultation and planning of ERP's internal process
9. Consultation on the selection of ERP and accounting software


1、Employee recruitment and dismissal services
2、Employee hiring
3、Employee's four gold and provident fund calculation
4、Employee personal tax calculation
5、Staff tax planning for employees
6、Custody for Employee documents filing
7、HR consulting service, etc.
8. Expatriates IIT in China

Business Service

1. Business industry consulting
2. Background investigation of business competitors
3. Errand service
4. Corporate accounting, taxation, etc. trusteeship
5. Printing, translation and other services
6. Other services

Company Registry

1. Company registration
2. Provide virtual registration address service
3. Changes to the company's articles of association
4. Acting for the company seal
5. Provide daily company secretarial services
6. Annual inspection of the company
7. Custody for Company documents Filing 

Invest Outside China

1. Overseas investment consulting
2. Overseas Copmpany setup  and change of overseas companies' registration
3. Coordinating and assisting management in the later stage of overseas investment
4. Consolidated overseas financial reports
5. Assist in the supervision and control of banks for overseas companies